Listing Information

Base Resources is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: BSE) and the UK’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM: BSE).

Base Resources ordinary shares are quoted on ASX. On AIM, depositary interests in respect of Base Resources ordinary shares are quoted.

Share and Depositary Interest Registries

Base Resources’ share registry in Australia (for its members’ register) is Computershare Investor Services Pty Ltd (Computershare Australia). In the UK, and for its depositary interest holder register, Base Resources’ registry is Computershare Investor Services PLC (Computershare UK).

All enquiries regarding individual shareholdings or depositary interest holdings should be directed to the applicable Computershare company – refer below for contact details.

Each Computershare company provides online access for individuals to view all their individual holdings where that Computershare company acts as registry via their Investor Centre portal – refer below for the website addresses.

Computershare Australia also has a dedicated Easy Update website for Base Resources shareholders to view and update their holding details for their Base Resources holdings.

Australian Register (ASX) – Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited

Email Enquiries:
Street Address: Level 17, 221 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia, 6000, Australia
Easy Update:
Telephone Enquiries: 1300 850 505 (within Australia)

+61 3 9415 5000 (outside Australia)

UK Register (AIM) – Computershare Investor Services PLC

Email Enquiries:
Address: Computershare Investor Services PLC, The Pavilions, Bridgwater Road, Bristol BS99 6ZZ, United Kingdom
Website Address:
Telephone Enquiries: +44 (0370) 702 0000

Receiving documents

Base Resources encourages shareholders and depositary interest holders to receive documents electronically.  Receiving documents in this manner is quicker and more secure.  It also has less impact on the environment.  To receive documents electronically, shareholders can go to Computershare Australia’s Easy Update website and follow the prompts (or visit Computershare Australia’s Investor Centre, refer above). Depositary interest holders should access Computershare UK’s Investor Centre.

Shareholders’ right to receive documents

Shareholders have the right to elect whether and how they would like to receive certain documents, such as Annual Reports and Notices of Meeting, as follows:

  • shareholders can make a standing election to receive any or all of the documents in physical or electronic form;
  • shareholders can make a one-off request to receive any or all of the documents in physical or electronic form; and
  • shareholders can elect not to be sent the Annual Report.

Elections and requests must be made by notifying Base Resources.  The simplest way to do this is to go to Computershare Australia’s Easy Update website and follow the prompts. Notification can also be made through Computershare Australia’s Investor Centre (refer above).

Unless stated otherwise, the documents in respect of which elections and requests can be made include:

  • documents relating to a meeting of members, such as notices of meeting and proxy forms;
  • the Annual Report (comprising the annual financial report, directors’ report and auditor’s report);
  • a notice of members’ rights under section 110K of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act), unless the notice is made available on Base Resources’ website; and
  • any other documents prescribed by relevant regulations.

The above information constitutes Base Resources’ notice pursuant to section 110K of the Corporations Act.