Our People

We foster a physically, mentally and culturally safe environment for our people where they are empowered to build their skills and capabilities, and influence decision-making.


Base Resources is committed to safety and has entrenched a best-practice safety culture across all its operations.

For the 2022 financial year (ended 30 June 2022) Base Resources had a company wide Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate of 0.24 per million hours.

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Recruitment System

Base Resources is committed to prioritising employment for local communities.

The Company utilises an employment system that is specifically designed to maximise employment opportunities and project benefits for local communities by giving preference to those residing in the immediate environs of a mine. Through a ‘fencing system’, established in consultation with governments and local communities, progressively lower priority is given to those living further away from the mine.

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Skills Transfer

Base Resources is committed to improving the skills and expertise of its employees and communities.

Base Resources has structured training and skills transfer programs covering on-the-job training for permanent employees, as well as tailored programs for graduates, interns, apprentices and high school students. The programs focus not only on employees, but also on building skills capacity in the broader community.

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